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Meet Juliana

Hello! I’m Juliana! I am the travel blogger and vlogger behind Tourist to Local.  I love smiling, making friends, and dreaming of places to go next!  With 15 countries and counting at the ripe age of 22, I am well on my way to seeing the world.

The Tourist to Local Philosophy is to push for cultural awareness while traveling.  In my opinion, travel is better when you break out of typical tourist activities in search for local experiences, friends, and food.  That’s a little of what you’ll find here, of course with the occasional splurge.  However, life isn’t always going to be a vacation, which is why this travel blog will also let you in on my crazy life between journeys.  I live by the mantra that your boring hometown is someone else’s exciting adventure.  Combine the spirit of a tourist and the knowledge of a local, and every city (even your own) will bring you wonders. 

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