Tourist to Local x Bitácora de Viajero

Meet Juliana and Martín

Juliana and Martín met while working on a cruise ship in 2016. Ever since, this dynamic duo has been documenting their journeys around the globe! With Martín being from Mexico and Juliana being from the USA, their content gives viewers a unique bi-cultural perspective. They create videos in English on “Tourist to Local” and videos in Spanish on “Bitacora de Viajero”. They provide travel tips and city guides to teach viewers how to have unique and memorable vacations.  Travel is attainable, and their goal is to show you how you can travel too, whether it’s for a weekend or a year!

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Explore a tropical paradise tucked away in the heart of Mexico: Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta has been a magical city for Juliana Gomez ever since her first visit in 2010, after her uncle completed building his house here. Expat life fascinated her, and she knew that some day she had to try it for herself.

After moving to Puerto Vallarta in 2019, Juliana began sharing her knowledge of the city to viewers of her Youtube channel, Tourist to Local. She created this written guide in efforts to help travelers have a memorable vacation in Puerto Vallarta, one that goes beyond your resort’s walls. Discover the hidden gems of Puerto Vallarta! This guide covers the best of the best, including:

-Things to do
-Rainy day activities
-Resources for expats interested in moving to Mexico.