Meet the couple (and pup) behind Tourist to Local

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Who’s Juliana?
California, USA

I’m Juliana, the classic Pisces – always daydreaming, diving into creative pursuits, and endlessly curious. I need to know the “why” behind everything and love exploring cultures deeply. When I’m not behind the camera, you’ll find me tap dancing, cooking up a storm, or sweating it out at barre or Pilates. Fun fact: I have held an array of odd jobs to fuel my travel dreams – from working in a hostel to driving for Uber and Lyft, and teaching in public schools. Mexico holds my heart, thanks to Martin, and I’ll never tire of exploring it.

  • Favorite food: Pizza
  • Favorite Country: Mexico
  • Favorite artist: Taylor Swift
  • Fun Fact: I won miss california in 2014!
  • Go-to drink: An overpriced mocktail
  • Real job: Training Specialist at a start up
Who’s Martín?
Morelos, Mexico

I’m Martín, a dreamer with a burning curiosity for the world’s histories and cultures. I’m fiercely loyal and a passionate Latino, with a special love for my Pumas. My life revolves around fútbol – watching, playing, and always traveling with Pumas gear, I even have a Pumas suitcase. Creating videos and photos with Juliana is my ultimate joy. I also love riding my bike, catching a good movie with stellar cinematography, and photography. Our honeymoon in Thailand stands out as a favorite travel memory – getting lost in translation was a blast.

  • Favorite Food: Tacos
  • Favorite Country: Italy
  • Favorite Artist: The Killers
  • Fun FacT: I can touch my nose with my tongue
  • Go-to drink: Coffee or beer
  • Real Job: Customer Success at a start-up

And then there’s Napa!

Our golden retriever, Napa, joined our family in 2023 and has been our joy ever since. She’s the sweetest, smartest travel buddy. She loves long car rides and learning new tricks. We bring her along on our trips whenever we can!

How did we meet?

Our Story

We met while working on a cruise ship called the Carnival Splendor. It was day 2 of Juliana’s contract when she met Martín, and it was love at first site. In their first conversation, Martín was shocked to learn that Juliana studied abroad in his home town of Cuernavaca. They firmly believe that they were always destined to have met.

They were both working grueling 12 hour days for 6 months at a time with no days off – Juliana as an entertainment host and Martín in the watch store. Two contracts and dozens of new countries later, they left the ship life behind. Juliana was already vlogging her adventures on Tourist to Local before they met, and Martín joined her. After a year, they decided to start their Spanish channel, Bitácora de Viajero. In 2020, they got married in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Why Tourist to Local?

The name “Tourist to Local” is meant to capture the range of activities we pursue, from the must see sites to off the beaten path adventures. We’re all about striking the perfect balance. Most importantly, we love to shed a spotlight on the locals we meet along the way and share their stories. You can find it all here!

Memorable Moments

Some or our favorite memories while traveling have been…

  • Learning tango in Buenos Aires
  • Cooking asado with locals in Argentina
  • Sunrise boat ride around Phi Phi Island in Thailand
  • Attending the World Cup in Qatar
  • Waking up in different Caribbean ports on our ship days
  • Attending the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque
  • Cheering for Boca Juniors in Buenos Aires
  • Exploring Valle de Guadalupe with Napa.

A Day in Our Life

Our travel days typically start at 6am, hitting the ground running with drone flights and photoshoots. We usually are running from place to place on a tight schedule to make sure we make the most of our days off (can we have more PTO??). We usually are calling it a day around 9pm.

Balancing full-time jobs means we work 2-3 hours before or after work on weekdays editing, managing social media, writing blogs, and more. It’s non-stop, but we thrive on this hustle.


Here are the links for all of our gear including camera gear and our favorite travel equipment!

We both work remote jobs and carefully plan our PTO around weekends and holidays to maximize our travel time. At home, we are incredibly frugal. We eat cheap meals, shop in thrift stores, and never eat out. We also make sure to put all purchases on credit cards that can earn us miles and points, so that we rarely have to purchase a flight.

We’ve been creating content since 2016 and have reached a point where we earn some income from YouTube AdSense and Patreon. However, the costs to produce our videos mean that most months we break even. If you’d like to support our work, click here to learn how.

As much as we wish we were the types of people who do full-time travel, it’s just not us. We love having a home base and routine in between trips. We moved to the USA in 2021 to begin the process of getting Martín’s US citizenship. This process takes years, so we want to complete this now so that we don’t need to worry about it in the future. We chose California since Juliana’s family lives there, and it is a state with so much to see.

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