Stay Connected Wherever You Go

We used to be the type of folks that just used wi-fi while traveling, and that led to some big problems. Hosts and tour operators would try to get in touch with us, and we were blissfully unaware until we checked our phones at the end of the day. So we switched to using our phone’s $10/day international plan. We thought this was the solution, until we realized we would have saved HUNDREDS if we knew about e-SIMS.

An eSIM is an “embedded SIM” which lets you add a data plan to your device just by scanning a QR code. The eSIM is actually located inside your cell phone, so you don’t have to insert a physical SIM card anymore. Which also means no more running around a foreign city to phone provider offices trying to get a plan!

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It’s better for the planet

Forget plastic. eSIM is an eco-friendly
alternative to plastic SIM cards.

Easy + fast delivery

  • Instant delivery to your email. No waiting
  • Changing rates and phone companies will be easier. It will only take one click to change your data plan or your phone company.
  • Easy to set up. Just scan a QR code and you can connect to the internet immediately.

Bye bye roaming!

Data roaming is expensive – Holafly eSIMs offer fast internet at a better price.