What do you use to edit?

We use Final Cut Pro X on a 2020 MacBook Pro.

Are you full-time content creators?

No, we both work full-time, but because we are remote, we have the flexibility to travel.

Where do you work?

Juliana works for a software company and Martín works for a solar company. For our own privacy, we are unable to say which companies we work for or provide referrals.

How did Martín move to the USA?

He moved on a K1 Fiance visa and got his green card in 2022. He will be applying for citizenship in 2025.

Do you travel full time?

No, we travel about 4-6 months out of the year.

Where do you live?

We don’t give away our exact location because of creepers on the internet! But we are based in Northern California.

How much money do you make doing YouTube?

Join our Patreon to get our monthly income reports! We break it all down there.

Do you guys speak English or Spanish when off camera?

Both, it depends on the subject matter. We tend to speak English most of the time, but sometimes Martin will talk in Spanish when describing more complex emotions

How long have you been together/doing YouTube?

We’ve been together since June 2016 and celebrated our wedding ceremony in February 2020! Juliana’s been on YouTube since 2014, and Martín started being more involved in her videos in 2018.